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The Dear Departed



Young widow Virginia Paley has no interest in attending the séances at The Society for Eternal Love, but the women of the society are dying mysteriously in their sleep, leaving their fortunes to Professor Arthur Chadwick, its charismatic medium. As her aunt might very well become the next victim, Virginia will do whatever she must to ensure that doesn’t happen. She will even join forces with the darkly mysterious Jonathan Bradshaw.


From the moment he spies her, Jonathan is smitten. But romance is impossible. Mrs. Paley is a respectable woman, and he himself is outside of society, an orphan, an ex-thief and a true wizard, able to hypnotize with a word and even separate his spirit from his body. No, he must instead remain focused on his goal, avenging his mentor’s death. But, facing a foe with power over demonic forces and Virginia’s very life in the balance, love might indeed be the only salvation.

In DEAR DEPARTED, a dedicated illusionist intent on exposing a murderous charlatan meets a skeptical woman intent on saving her aunt's life and fortune.  Sparks fly, sensuality ignites the pages, and the truth dangles just beyond reach.

--Linda O. Johnston, author of paranormal romance, romantic suspense and mysteries including KNOCK ON WOOD, a Superstition Mystery



Magic, secrets and steamy romance blend together to make The Dear Departed an unforgettable gaslight paranormal romance.

--Tina Ferraro, 2-time RITA finalist, author of STUPID CUPID

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