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From my first poem at age 10 and my first short story at age 12, I can’t help writing about my two favorite things – magic and love.  An unrepentant nerd, I started out in biomedical research but ended up writing software manuals instead.  I spent many years as a member of science fiction and historical reenactment groups and I have been at various times a Renaissance scholar, a druidess, a pirate wench, a saloon floozy, a belly dancer and a chain-mail wearing warrior maiden.


Still, my first love is writing stories.  It doesn’t matter whether the story is set in the middle ages, Victorian times, the present day or far in the future.  If it has both love and magic in it, I will write about it.  I write not only romance but young adult historical fantasy under the name of Ann Finnin. 


I' m a native of Southern California, and I live in the hills above Los Angeles with my husband of forty years, Dave (a man who gave me an electric typewriter as a wedding present) and a dog of Indeterminate Breed named Rufus.

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